A Lawyer Who Will Truly Go To Bat For You!


"Michael is a man of honestly and integrity. He is organized, dedicated and disciplined to be the best. I have known Michael for over 25 years as a coach, friend and business associate. He truly exemplifies what it takes to be the “Best of the Best”. A true teammate and the consummate professional."


"Michael Collins is one of the greatest workers I have seen in my time as a baseball coach. He has had the work habits, character, discipline needed to be one of the best college shortstops in the country. He has also had the leadership skills to drive a program like ASU to the CWS (College World Series). I would highly recommend that Michael will take these habits and become a leader in the world of Law."
"My brother was my playmate in my early life but is my best friend forever. He is a natural leader that will help others enjoy the surrounding success. Michael's integrity and loyalty are his greatest assets, which is the recipe for the desire to win."


"Michael was one of my first mentors in baseball. I grew up watching him play, he started working with me at 8 years old and the impact he had on me then still resonates with me today. His attention to detail is second to none, but the way he loves, serves and cares for the people he works with is what separates him from others."


"Michael was one of my favorite teammates at ASU.  He had exceptional leadership qualities that I and the rest of his teammates greatly admired.  We could always count on him to put the team’s best interest ahead of his own personal desires.  Michael had an infectious, light hearted personality that had a way of keeping guys loose during intense situations, yet at the same time his preparation, focus, determination, and tenacity that he possessed always seemed to give him the uncanny ability to come through in clutch situations.  An all around tremendous human, great teammate, and even better friend... band of brothers for life!"
"Michael is a great leader and teammate, his teams while playing baseball and football always came first before his individual accolades, he never gave up no matter the situation or hardships."

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